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About Bruitus

Bruitus came to me around June of 2020. A co-worker asked me if I was interested in a dog, and I told him that I had just been thinking about a dog, (unusual for me). Bruitus is a Boxer, and my friend that gave him to me suspected that he had been abused as a bait dog( tied up and used as practice for other fighting dogs).  So, naturally my heart went out to him. He has no bad habits and is as sweet as can be and gentle, fully house trained and intuitive!

I think that Bruitus might be 7-8 years old, and since he started his new life with me, I became interested in crypto currency, so that's how the project got it's name. I don't know how many more years Bruitus and I have together, but I'm glad he came on this journey with me. Many great relationships have come together, and good things have started. At the end of the day, it's a mutually rewarding friendship, He needed somebody, and I needed somebody that needed me! 

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