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11yrs ago, Jan.12, 2012, blisschurch came to a screeching halt, as I began my journey, 5yr prison bid, not as a prodigal but on assignment. However my actions, 14yrs ago, were the catalyst that set this in motion. A precious lady wept as she prayed for me at a Matt Ford event in Alabama, in Nov. 2011. She prayed that I was being SENT!

This prophetic word continues the journey to healing and restoration...God Bless

Zion's Voice 12:00a.m. 3/06/2023

I was sent with a word for a small church today and as I spoke this word The power of God filled this little church ...

I have smelled the fragrance of humility in this place and in this I shall form the bridal gown on this threshing floor through the form of The Lord that moved over the waters causing the firmament to take form and come together as one. Now you shall witness the form of The Lord through much more than revival that awakened Lazarus . Now I shall walk amongst you as my spirit of resurrection life entered the tomb of a dead man and raised him up for My Father's glory. My Spirit will cause hearts to melt and lives to change for as I walked in the fires with the 3 that sacrificed their lives for me now I shall be…

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