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BXR Tokenomics,

One of our Triumph's during the month of May, was the minting of our very own BXR token!

While one token died, Our token was BORN!!! Not only was the month of May painful for All financial markets, But the beloved stellar token and ecosystem Terra, Luna, was the target of a drive by hit, by the fiat banksters and their cronies on Wall St. Seven and eight figure portfolios evaporated over night. The carnage destroyed plans for retirement, plans for dream homes, and probably a few marriages.

I want to say above all else, that I am Proud of this Project, I am Proud of this TEAM, I am Proud of the Ground that has been covered, in the past 60 days since the Birth of the Project!

Our BXR token represents YOUR Commitment, YOUR Time, YOUR Creativity, YOUR Energy, YOUR Hopes and Dreams, YOUR Experience gained in association with this project. How do YOU value Yourself? What is your Blood, Sweat, and Tears worth to you? There are people on this project that pushed through deep personal pain to be here everyday to learn, work, and add value to the Project, when they were not even getting PAID. Some had to take time away, to be available for their Families at great personal expense. What are You worth to YOU? Our token represents US, Corporately, all of US in this together. Not to Forget to mention, those that have encouraged us, Leaders in the Cosmos, investing in us!

One BXR Token represents 1 Hour of YOUR Time (Official Team Member Time). What are you worth? So, No, we are not dropping tokens on the greater Cosmos community. If anyone wants tokens, they can create a profile and participate in the groups and forums! (My Stargaze airdrop was "worth" $1400 at one time, now it's worth less than $50, in a few short months? WTF) No we are not trying to list it on the defi markets, to be shat on, either. We can have a closed economy, and be much better off. At the right time, Our valuation will be based on Network Effect and our Power as a Brand. Be Proud of what we have, This belongs to us, and is a gauge of our leadership abilities individually and corporately.

In general, the BXR token is loosely pegged to the Atom token, for comparisons sake.

A dedicated BruitusChain wallet has been created to store minted BXR tokens and as a vault to hold Juno (probably for petty cash, lol), Atom, Evmos, Osmo and other select tokens as a counterweight (or fractional reserve weight) to the BXR token. The Contents of the BruitusChain wallet will be revealed periodically. We will build up our treasury with staking rewards, farming rewards, NFT donations and royalties, Community projects etc. BXR tokens will be used for promotions and outreaches, for growth also.

I hope that you understand that this project is not about dollars and crypto, it's about people, the relationships we develop with people, the value we place on people and the deposits that we make in their lives, being humble enough to receive from people, the community that grows because we are putting people first. So, go out and bring some value to this project, by bringing people in to participate and receive some BXR Tokens!!!

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Milly Quill
Milly Quill
Jun 01, 2023

With my recent stockers from Messenger and Facebook intrusion, I am even more grateful for all the hard work with this special place to share. Thank you…

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