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My Timeline in Crypto!

Starting in 2020, as I was considering retirement in a few years, I wanted to shift towards work that wasn't quite as physical as building heating and air duct/work. I thought about phone/tablet/laptop repair, but something was telling me I could go smaller, (less physical).

Around September 2020, my youngest son was buying bitcoin and was telling me about it.

I start thinking to myself you can't get much smaller than crypto, so I started my research. And as a matter of course I purchased bitcoin on coinbase, Jan. 7, 2021.

So, the month of January 2021, I bought bitcoin and made a lot of swaps on Coinbase (central exchange). In February 2021, I heard about Etherium and Smart Contracts. I researched Etherium, got a wallet and moved the Eth. off the exchange, cost about $4. In March the price of "Gas"(fees to move Crypto) cost me $18 to move $100 of Etherium... Nope, I'm out!

The months of March and April of 2021 were interesting, after being chased off Etherium because of fees, my son was getting into Cardano, and I discovered Polkadot! Cardano's claim was they were "Peer Reviewed" which made them better...I don't like it! LOL. Polkadot was my first exposure to multichain concept and it made sense to me, from the start. As I researched Polkadot, and the "ParaChain" concept, with the Para auctions and the staking capital involved (tied up) for a start up, the more it looked like a gimmick. Definitly need Venture Capital Money to play this game!

In April, I also purchased a bootcamp in Solidity Program language to to code smart contracts on Etherium, I was lost after the introduction to Blockchain...LOL !

During April & May I discovered Cosmos ecosystem and SDK building Block concept for building sovereign blockchains with modules! I also heard about AIRDROPS on Cosmos!

The more I looked at Cosmos, the more it made more sense than any other concept to me!

I was SOLD! I got a wallet and went looking for an airdrop. (At this point, almost all of my research on Youtube, and websites, that I could find, I didn't know about the communities on Discord & Twitter. ) I converted all my Bitcoin to Cosmos Atom, moved off the central exchange, found what I thought was a site to qualify me for airdrops and got scammed for $2500! OUCHY!!!!

I didn't lick my wounds too long, inverted my loss to a gain and called it an Education... Live & learn. Began doing better research, Played around with defi Solana for the next 3 months, Found out about the Awesome Cosmos Community on Twitter! Got myself a Keplr Wallet, and moved some funds to where over the next few months, my portfolio 6X from August 2021 to Jan. 2022! Cosmos is the PLACE TO BE!!!! YAY!!!

Through research I realized the the use cases for crypto were ever expanding, and in January 2022, I began formulating the idea about a social media concept that pays for participation, so I continued to ruminate on the idea. And I also made some Great friends on Twitter Cosmos Community! Still pressing further into technology I found a great coding school for beginners, and purchased that course and began HTML! My inner dialog pressing me further into my madness... lol!!!

February 2022, NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens, usually artwork) began to get really hot and I found OmniFlix Network, and began experimenting, but I couldn't get the tech to work... so I began listening to their Twitter Spaces about their community, creators and collectors. I submitted an application to mint NFTs with OmniFlix, did a video chat and entered into a collaboration and Launched the last week of March 2022!

The last 90 days have been a marathon and a sprint at the same time, This project has covered so much ground that it's amazing, and yet we are still in the excavation stage of building! We've got Andronaut and Cryptotosis helping leading this project forward, we've minted our token, we're building NFT community, onboarding people into the Cosmos, We're building a website for developers and a free coding school, We're setting up a website for social media that pays you to participate! Just Believe, your life can change for the better!

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